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Young Fashion Designer Charles Dieujuste Introduz Primavera / Verão 2012 coleção

NOVA YORK, EUA ( - O estilista haitiana nasceu Charles Corvsky Dieujuste está trazendo uma nova marca para o mundo da alta moda. Em entrevista à DH, o jovem estilista apresentou sua coleção de estilos estéticos, romântico e clássico elegante feminina Primavera / Verão 2012.

"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort." - Jesse Owens

Charles Corvsky Dieujuste's favorite quote tells his story of growing up with a passion and determination for art. With an upbringing around textiles his dedication to art meshed to fashion design, "wearable art", Dieujuste works to become one of the premier designers of his generation.

Spring Summer 2012:
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He told DH:

"Fashion is something that came in me as I grew up. Since I was, I believe around the age of 8 or 9, I told my mother my goal was to become an artist."

"As you may know, Haitians wouldn’t allow that for their child. As I am sure she wanted the best for me. But since I was young I wanted to study fine arts and everything that was involved with it."

"When I came to the states things changed. The older I got the more passionate I got when it came to the arts."

"However, garment making was in my family. One day it dawned on me why not fashion? Ultimately, at the very end its art or in other words wearable art."

Dieujuste's family influenced him along the way into the industry. Working for a textile company in Haiti and their sewing and productions at home, the young fashion designer was being prepped to become a designer and creator of a new brand.

"Growing up I had an aunt who knew how to sew."

"Of course living in Haiti at the time all of our clothes were made to measure. You would go to local seamstress or tailors and they would fit you. After that process a garment is made just for you."

"My mother always had her clothes made and my aunt at the time would sew it and make the patterns for her. My mother of course at the time worked for ACRA."

"At times I would go and visit her there and also she would bring home some amazing textiles. We were always there and it was fascinating for me to see something that was cut and then put together."

"That experience at the prime of my youth sparked an interest. It didn’t dawn on me until later that this is what I wanted to do ... those moments back then was preparing me for something that I would be passionate about doing."

Charles Dieujuste says his brand presents an aura of feminine aesthetic, romanticism and classic elegance.

This newest collection is infused by an array of vibrant colors and a splash of sensual detailing to the garments.

The recipe of wonderful silk and opulent embroidered fabrics is an added ingredient to the label.

He combines all these factors to promote women’s confidence, elegance, and optimism.

The fashion designer of Haitian descent hopes to become a world renowned designer and has set his goals high. His short term goal is to be a part of the next New York Fashion Week, and in the long term go beyond.

"In the future I am hoping to becoming a House Hold name. A House Hold name like Oscar De La Renta, Givenchy, Elie Saab."

"These designers inspire me to be great and this is the goal I am setting for myself."

"I am a start-up brand/company of 3 years."

"My goal is to be a part of New York Fashion Week. That goal I am sure is around the corner. Events in the future completely not sure. "

"All I can say is to stay tuned."

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