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Gays (Masisi) no Haiti estão lutando por direitos

Gays in Haiti are fighting for their rights. They want to have their own gay bar in Petion Ville and want to get married legally. The President of the gay organization "Kouraj" Charlot Jeudy is determined to take the fight all the way.

Minha mãe haitiana: O Debate Gay

This is a retelling of my coming out story to My Haitian Mother, Maggie. We discuss homosexuality and coming out to Haitian parents. I hope this video is of help to any Haitian kid, or any kid whatever there ethnicity. It's not a subject that should be so taboo in island cultures and its time that we talked about it.
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PSA: Greedy Membros da Família

Mapa pálido Avek tout Fanmi ki visiye Yo, kap chache moun ki gen KOB Yo

Tripotay Joseph "País" Kernizan

Tripotay Joseph "País" Kernizan

Aqui é como um homem pode ter muitas mulheres

Homens kijan pou yon gasson gen Ampil minnaj.


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A antologia editada por Edwidge Danticat dá um toque exclusivamente haitiano no gênero crime

"Danticat conseguiu montar um retrato do grupo de cultura haitiana e resiliência que é motivo de comemoração." - Publishers Weekly