Haitian Band CaRiMi Releases First Mobile Kompa App

New-York, USA ( – The popular band CaRiMi has become the first in the Haitian Music Industry to release an official mobile app. On iPhone and Android devices CaRiMi hopes to promote the work and stay in touch with fans all over the world.

CaRiMi chooses a mobile strategy to engage fans with iPhone App, and Android App, all managed through a single platform provided by Mobile Roadie who also creates mobile applications for world’s top artists including Adele, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Drake and more.

At $0.99, CaRiMi’s fans now can have access to videos, music, photos, show dates and updates of the band. Like any mobile app, Carimi’s mobile app orients the user with a landing screen that shows the main components in a grid, their icons and single-word descriptors helping you choose how you’ll use the app.

Ten years ago, three friends, who had worked together musically before, left their homeland in Haiti and met up in New York. Carlo Vieux, Richard Cavé, and Mickael Guirand, each one a gifted musician, decided to join forces and make music their ultimate career.

By taking the first two letters of each of their first names, CaRiMi was born.

Submerging themselves for months in a recording studio they came up with a brand new sound, one never heard before within the Haitian music industry. With lyrics full of profound, social commentary, their music focuses on the political and social troubles in their native land. “Ayiti Bang, Bang” was released in the summer of 2001.

Instantly, CaRiMi became a household name. They are known as one of the first, younger generation digital bands to produce music about the political problems and deteriorating security in Haiti. They had mass appeal for the Haitian Diaspora who had already fled the country. The band’s alluring lyrics, appealing music and physical attractiveness to female audiences have enabled CaRiMi to thrive throughout the years.

Receiving accolades from the international music scene, including Best Album of the Year, CaRiMi has risen to the top of the charts across Billboards in Haiti, Guadeloupe, Paris, Guyanne Francaise, Canada and parts of Europe.

CaRiMi has celebrated in 2011 a decade of existence.

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