Minority Party, Repons Peyizan Preparing for Senate and Local Elections

Martelly and Repons peyizan haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - The political platform "Repons Peyizan" (Response Peasants) under the banner of which the singer Michel Martelly Joseph was elected president of Haiti is already preparing for the upcoming senatorial elections and local government.

One official, Fednel Monchéry,says Repon Peyizan wants to be present both in Parliament and local authority level. In this sense, Mr. Monchéry announcement soon to transform the platform into a mass party and cadres.

The political activist speaks of a structure favoring a political alternative based around a multi-faceted vision.

Fednel Monchéry is a former parliamentary candidate in Port-au-Prince.

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Source: Vision 2000

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