Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Lamothe, Full Inaugural Speech

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) - On Monday the ceremony of installing the Minister of Foreign and Religious Affairs was held, inaugurating its new minister, Laurent Lamothe. This is his inaugural address:

Excellency President Michel Joseph Martelly
Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Garry Conille
Madam Minister Rey
Colleagues from the Government,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to find myself at last with you. As you know, the President asked me to go on a mission in Korea, South Korea Lake Business Forum 2011, before being invested in my role as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

This mission in Korea was very helpful. I was able to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the Korean people and ours. The fruits of the visit and my participation in the meeting organized by the Interamerican Development Bank will be to the benefit of Haiti. Haiti took center stage in South Korea and 6 million will be submitted to the government for education.

My first words are to thank the President for the confidence it renews me and asked me to conduct diplomacy in Haiti. Here he received my feeling and my commitment to be up to the task he entrusted me. I know that this is, Mr. President, a great challenge. It should reshape the face of Haiti and to project outside an image different from that usually portrayed. In this Herculean task and time consuming, I will do Mr. President, for the good of their common country, depending on your vision.

My thanks also extend to the Prime Minister. I look forward to serving my country under his leadership and assure them of my availability. I'll put all my skills at the service of foreign policy and worship to be determined. Mr. Prime Minister, I want to assure you on this occasion of my complete solidarity with the action you plan to implement for the rebuilding and rebirth of our beloved Haiti.

Madam Minister, I am glad you took the time to organize the ceremony for the award of costs. I always knew you are a woman of duty and I know that you succeeded at the Foreign Ministry I am sure to find a house in order. Allow me to draw inspiration from your achievements and know that I will not hesitate to seek your advice. You have accumulated a wealth of experience of inestimable value.

Ms. Rey, you have served your country, on behalf of all and on my own behalf, I thank you.

It is not without emotion that I take charge today at the venerable department. Diplomacy, I discovered through the work of my late father, founder of the Institute of Lope de Vega from 1957 to 1999, but also Honorary Consul of Bolivia in Haiti. In its shadow, I am familiar with some international legal instruments including the Vienna Conventions of 1961 and 1963 governing the operation of diplomatic and consular missions. I have a special thought for him today. And I know that wherever he is, he is proud of me access the function of prestige and high responsibility for our country.

Dear officers and employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, are eagerly getting ready to discover your potential and I can already assure you that I had the echoes of your disposition to help and m assist in the mission entrusted to me.

Rest assured that there will be on my side, as well disposed towards you. There is too much to do at the Chancellery and in our embassies and missions abroad so that we do not we put to work immediately.

Dear officials, I expect from you an uncompromising dedication to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship reflects credit on behalf of Haiti, all over the world.

As you know, I started my public life as a tennis player at the age of eight. I had to fly the flag of Haiti in international competitions, from Jamaica to Finland, where I had the privilege to represent my country. I always felt great pride every time a responsibility to represent Haiti came back to me.

Every time I passed by this sense of honor but also a little anxiety. This mixture, some call it "trac".

Gentlemen, ladies, I want you also have the jitters every time you have to represent our country. This trac which gives the desire to win, the desire to do its job, the desire to go after his ability to get a superior result every time. Each match is a final you want to win, not for me or for my sake, but for you, for your personal pride and for the advancement of our country.

I was sporting, I'll be sporting. Haiti in its diplomacy must be animated by the desire to succeed to win, to win victory after victory. We will also learn to pick ourselves up, more determined, after every misstep.

Under my leadership and my support with guaranteed you will, ladies and gentlemen of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, whether you are single Ambassador or employee, the responsibility to make Haiti and to represent with dignity. I want you to have the desire to make the effort to the last breath to lead Haiti to victory.

I am also a businessman who set up companies and worked in over 41 countries. With the feeling that diplomacy can no longer be a matter of fine words and good manners that I take office today. Not that we should put aside all the charm of diplomats, however, must be more polite and civilized. However, good manners are to serve the interests of our country. Of political, commercial, agricultural, tourist, cultural and economic for the greater good of our people.

At the head of the Chancellery, I will work to strengthen ties with Haiti's traditional partners in North and South while strove to explore all opportunities for economic, commercial, cultural, scientific and technical support of my country.

"Haiti IS open for business!" The President has said, the Prime Minister reaffirmed. Haitian diplomacy will be directed to the influx of foreign capital, direct investment, generate employment and economic growth. It will also find markets and opportunities for Haitian products.

To this end, I will put every effort in order to broaden and diversify the relations with the outside of Haiti. However, maintaining embassies and missions abroad has cost us dear. We have too few resources. We need every bottle, every dollar, every euro spent, valle its weight in gold. The central and external services of the Ministry should have a corps of honest, serious, competent, dynamic, up to the new challenges and demands of modernity and progress.

More specifically, in my capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, I plan to add a new order of actions:
Today, we will change the vision of the Haitian diplomacy which will pass, a traditional diplomacy to economic diplomacy and sustainable investment in Haiti. Our embassies and consulates will not center solely reserved passive emissions passports but places to promote sustainable investment in our country. Each station Embassy and each Consulate will have a Commercial Attaché office will be in direct contact with the IFC in Haiti in order to attract real investment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the new government intends to help Haiti recover from the losses from the earthquake of January 12 and estimated at $ 7.9 billion, equivalent to just over 120% of our product GDP.

For the first time that the cost of a disaster is so high relative to the economy of a country.

The share of public debt relative to GDP, rose to 22% this year. The inflation rate rose to 8.5% because of the pressure generated mainly by an increase in demand associated with growth. We must bring down gradually in 2012, provided that create jobs and new markets.

That's why in May 2012 through the efforts of our Department and the commitments made by South Korea for example, 41,500 new jobs will be created in our country, a great victory for Haiti.

We will open new representations through including Honorary Consulates, starting with South Korea, the countries of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, so that Haiti is represented in all countries of the world members of the family of the United Nations.

We will reinvigorate diplomacy in the Haitian rejuvenating and modernizing it so that every Haitian is proud of its representatives. We will work with the Senate for the prompt appointment of our Ambassadors and Consuls General to Haiti is equipped with Ambassadors accredited in all our missions abroad.

Recognizing the difficult financial situation being faced by our country, we will take advantage of the Department of Administrative Affairs of the Ministry to maximize revenues and streamline costs to allow us to build a strong diplomacy to effectively manage tasks worthy of that name.

We will implement a Memorandum of State, giving it the means to get up to the protocol services of the most advanced countries. We will also create a modern Security Service of our embassies and consulates to deal with any possible aggression from whatever direction.

We will cease to complain but we will act. Our role is to contribute to the rapid reconstruction of Haiti with a new vision as we work to build partnerships for science and technology.

We will also expand scholarships to our young compatriots, to promote international investment and job creation for the production of wealth. We will promote competitiveness in international markets and get our allies to build new infrastructure in Haiti.

Finally, the discomfort of this room that houses the Ministry obvious. We will have to have a more friendly welcome and to receive dignitaries from foreign governments. As such, with the support of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, it will soon start construction of the department, bearing in mind the redevelopment plan for downtown.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will not be longer, we need to work. Be assured of my availability and allow me to count on your support for the smooth running of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

Thank you.

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