Haiti: France Aspires Visit from President Michel Martelly

PARIS, France ( – The French Ambassador to Haiti, Didier Le Bret, said France would, in haste, receive President Michel Martelly, who had an occasion with French President Nicolas Sarkozy canceled in December.

In a meeting with the Haitian community of Paris, AlterPresse learned of the French ambassadors request January 4th at the Maison de l’Amérique Latine.

”We need President Michel Martelly to come very quickly to France,” said Ambassador Le Bret.

The French diplomat announced a visit of Prime Minister Garry Conille and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Lamothe, to take place at the end of January, to prepare for the possible arrival of President Martelly.

AlterPresse reports that after contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an invitation had fell to be received and no official visits to France planned.

Didier Le Bret mentioned areas of cooperation that could be addressed if the President of the Republic were to avail himself an opportunity to convene with the former colonizers of Haiti.

Le Bret points to improving cooperation with justice, local authorities and the national police. Le Bret said he has found that “political actors have a hard time living together, working together.”

Le Bret expressed concerns that senate and municipal elections have not been planned telling the Haitian-French, “you should know when senators will be replaced and when the mayors will be replaced.”

Despite the political situation, Didier Le Bret said of the economic situation, “the outlook is good.”

According to the International Monetary Fund, the Haitian economy grew 5% in 2011 and expects a growth rate of 7% in 2012.

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