President Michel Martelly Full Speech and Video at UN General Assembly

NEW YORK, USA ( - This is the transcript from President Michel Martelly's speech to the United Nations 66th General Assembly.

President of the General Assembly,
Distinguished Heads of State and Government,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
My first words are for you, Mr. President, to congratulate you on your election as President of the 66th session of the General Assembly.

I take this opportunity to extol the quality of leadership of the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and pay tribute to his dynamism and deep wisdom he demonstrated in the conduct of world affairs.

From this rostrum, I extend a fraternal hello to the sister Republic of South Sudan, which has proclaimed its independence on July 9. We share her pride and welcome, with great deference, as 193 "Member State of the United Nations family. I offer the warmest congratulations and wishes of peace, happiness and prosperity from the Republic of Haiti. I prostrate to the memory of all combatants in this case, cut down by fate, the day before to see the sun shine again on this part of Africa.

Mr. President,
In speaking to you today on behalf of Haiti, I want to add my voice to that of all other member countries, who, like us, know the management burden of post disaster and post conflict, for that the weakest and most vulnerable remain hopeful.

Martelly at UNGA

They keep the hope of rebirth, because they have realized that situations avantcrises are no longer available.

They know that change, change in mentality in their management policy, economic and social, must be their only creed.

They can not do without it.

And in the case of Haiti, it is because, in fact, an entire people has been firmly convinced that I was elected with a specific mandate: to materialize the change.

I remain convinced that these bursts of consciousness, which is the origin of suffering, are those that generally prevail in a new world order.

Such was the case in the early nineteenth 19th century when St Domingo broke his chains, raising Haiti.

Such was the case in 1945, when the nations of good will, including Haiti, united to build this body that brings us this week around noble ideals.

Such seems the case today in view of a dynamic policy regarding North Africa.

Mr. President,
I can tell you that when, alas, in the South, including the Human Development Index is already a concern, a major disaster occurs, then rest very suddenly all liability issues: whether local in terms of governance, or the want somewhere that due to the global order.

Today's world and the United Nations in particular, are increasingly in demand, because these post disaster situations include both those consecutive natural disasters, than those of cyclical or simply caused by human folly.

When, in addition, in some cases, these factors are combined, the responses need to be more thoughtful, more responsible, more cooperative, bolder and more determined.

I firmly believe that it is first, to the countries concerned, to seek and find possible solutions, for all those required, generous or not, produce medium-term adverse effects.

It belongs to the people of the South to decide their wealth, their raw materials and their destiny.

In the case of Haiti, I must say that the international community through the United Nations, accompanying six months after the earthquake, the presidential elections at risk, understood the urgency. She is thanked.

But just as strongly, I think it would be irresponsible for a country affected by disasters, to forego the help, expertise, cooperation of sister nations, both emerging South or North supposedly pledged.

And this balance, I said, between an adult and governance well thought international assistance, which should seek to codify, and unvarnished truth.

Allow me here to cite, for example, the many peacekeeping missions and United Nations Stabilization in many parts of the world, including Haiti.

Constant emerges: a relief in the early days, the medium-term Missions run out of steam. Why? Qu'entr'autres expectations because the host country on the one hand, are oversized, secondly, because these missions can not evolve, they are fixed in terms of reference inflexible.

And it's a shame, because there is nothing more irresponsible and dangerous to let these missions without effective national alternative.

In the case of Haiti, what would have served this Mission, if today without firing a shot, without warning, she would withdraw. While I am aware that unacceptable burrs marred the prestige of the mission, but the trees should not hide the forest.

And I think rightly, that political stability goes through several stages. It can not be reduced to a simple intervention force or an observer role more or less neutral.

It would have been a very simplistic view of the primary role of the United Nations.

Stabilize, it is just so much more. And it is Government policy that I advocate, these are my four major areas namely: education, employment, environment, and rule of law.

How to build peace without basic education universal and free, in a country where illiteracy premium. How to promote sustainable development without a quality education that glorifies the virtues of citizenship, ensure gender equality, promotes cultural identity, which opens to the world and leads to tolerance.

Employment: I want to say, it would be nice to talk about human dignity, human rights, stability and peace but a hungry stomach has no ears. It is through the creation of decent jobs, fair pay, respect the rights of vulnerable groups that justice begins.

It is a fair return of commodity prices, an end to the strangulation of the South and speculation destabilizing democracy.

On these major issues must come together and unite nations much more .....
Commit themselves frankly
• in the fight against deforestation,
• against global warming.

That is taken into account seriously the issue of water.

There will be no peace in the world, as part of living in countries like mine, Haiti, will also be degraded, making disasters even more dramatic, more severe floods, droughts more deadly, the rural exodus even more massive.

Stabilize today also and especially the construction of a rule of law, but the rule of law requires a justice among other strong, independent and responsible.

It includes building a tireless, tough but inevitable, strong institutions that prevail over the privileges and interest groups.

Mr. President,
The world will only be more beautiful, be silent when the "I condemn" on one side and "I accuse" the other. Haiti can testify.

But Haiti could also say that in post-disaster aid, disbursements of funds beyond the procedures immutable complex and cumbersome, are the most suitable. Should these procedures, even if accompanied, enable countries to capture the strategic initiative on their fate.

Precisely speaking of funds available to the victims, it is desirable that the promises do not remain a dead letter, that reconstruction projects are born!

In the end, I say, it would be very sad that the left hand resume that gave the right hand!

And this temptation exists, it is the result of a difficult global economic environment. But again, only the truth should prevail, because when the reconstruction is waiting, the wait can become impatient and damaging.

In the case of Haiti, as in all post-conflict, it will be for friendly nations to the United Nations, to help us rebuild, reconstruct more than a physical space, but of Men and women.

Men and women that need to hope because beyond concepts, abstractions, there is nothing else but a human story. Putting people at the heart of the great debates of this new order that is today, it is this movement of ours, one that also share the billion people in the grip disaster, displacement, conflict, health pandemics.

Mr. President,
To these people victims, the Haitian people, united, address this forum of the United Nations a clear message.

As long as there are men, men of good will, there is hope.

As long as there are nations, united and interdependent, there is hope.

For us in Haiti, we have all known, all disasters, all those rights may require the Man, all those of nature that we men, we increase in our systematic destruction and irresponsible. We have experienced pandemics, hunger, exclusion, but Haiti is now standing, ready to rebuild, ready for a fresh start, Haiti Kampe tet kale.

There is no fatality!
And it is this that opens new Haiti;

Dialogue and peace

Haiti is the New telling you all, thank you.

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