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Provisional Haiti President Chosen by Multi-partisan Selection Committee



The provisional president that will replace Jovenel Moïse has been decided on by the multi-partisan committee tasked to formulate a selection process for this role and make its own recommendation.

The selection is from among the justices of Haiti's highest court, the Court of Cassation. The decision to choose from among the supreme court's members was agreed upon at the Marriott Hotel in Port-au-Prince after days of discussions and accords between coalitions of political, professional and civil society organizations.

The selection committee was formed following the meetings at the Marriott. They were tasked to create an equitable selection process for the provisional president and prime minister, taking into account the resolutions of the vast opposition. They were also tasked to make recommendations but said that they were not in a situation to release the names.

"Because we can not guarantee the security of the next provisional President of the Republic, we are careful not to make public his name for the moment," said Génard Joseph, a member of an external monitoring committee set up to observe the processes through the Marriott accords and their execution.

In an interview with the 120-year old newspaper, Le Nouvelliste, Mr. Joseph said "we reviewed and met the 11 judges of the Court of Cassation. Three of them let us understand that they are not interested in our approach..."

"We have already made our choice among the judges of the Court of Cassation. But since the opposition is not able to ensure the security of a president or a prime minister in the current context where the regime is more and more criminal, we are obliged to keep the name of the next president in total confidentiality," Joseph added.

He also said that the Monitoring Committee is working to organize the next meeting of the signatories of the Marriott agreements, which will be the first occasion to take notice of their choice.