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In Haiti, US Undersecretary David Hale Snubbed by Opposition Leaders



Opposition leaders have decided not to be represented at the meeting scheduled with the United States Undersecretary of State David Hale.

Undersecretary Hale was reported to be in Haiti to hold meetings aimed at establishing a government the U.S. could consider "legitimate", before the end of 2019. A key group of the opposition, the Alternative Consensus, was requested to attend.

The opponents, invited, said they requested an agenda understanding of the terms of the meeting. Having not received the agenda, they declined the invitation for the meeting which would have taken place at the U.S. Embassy in Tabarre on Friday.

Opposition leaders are still expected to be in the vicinity of the embassy, however. A protest to the embassy is scheduled and Senator Youri Latortue (AAA - Artibonite), a member of the Alternative Consensus, will over to the U.S. American delegation a document summarizing their concerns and position on the situation in Haiti.