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Japan Donates $3.6M for Rice Fundraiser for Development Projects in Haiti



Japan has donated 400 million yen ($3.6 million [USD]) to the Haitian government so that it can purchase rice. This rice is to be sold by the government to the people and proceeds from the sales will match funds the Japanese are putting towards development projects in Haiti.

The Office of Monetization of Aid Programs and Development (BMPAD) will receive the funds and purchase the rice that will be sold. The Japanese have already earmarked the proceeds hoped from the rice sales. Projects including the purchase of medical equipment for hospitals and construction projects at schools and road infrastructure are the targets to match the funds.

A ceremony for the signing of this agreement was held on November 29, 2019 between the resigned-Minister of Foreign Affairs Bocchit Edmond and the Japanese Ambassador to Haiti Mitsuaki Mizuno.

The signing of the agreement took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the presence of the resigned-Minister of Agriculture and the interim Director General of the BMPAD.

The grant is part of the KR 2019 assistance project of Japan in Haiti. "The KR 2019 project will help address the current food emergency in the short term," Ambassador Mizuno said during the signing.