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Jovenel Moïse Urges Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to Hold Legitimate Elections



President Jovenel Moïse has told Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to hold "legitimate" elections as a condition to support him again. Until Moïse, the Haitian and Venezuelan governments maintained close relations.

In an interview at the National Palace, Moïse told press agency, EFE, that he decided to withdraw support for the Venezuelan president because the 2018 elections "were not legitimate elections. They were 'answered' elections," said Moïse.

Moïse continued, "if President Maduro makes an election tomorrow morning, he participates, the international community accepts that he has acted correctly and is elected, I will be the first to congratulate Mr. Maduro again. decision is a decision of a responsible head of state," he said.

The OAS called the elections in Venezuela not credible and Jovenel Moïse says this is why he made the decision to pull support. He said that "I support the Venezuelan people. But I am eliminating my support for President Maduro's regime."

President Jovenel Moïse has been facing a wave of demonstrations demanding his resignation. Moïse was due to have held two election cycles since being in office and has not. There is currently not another legislature to replace the one ending in January.

Mr. Moïse, himself, received the votes of less than ten percent of the population to be come president in an election of 15% turnout of eligible voters where his political party was cited by the electoral council for violence and ballot-stuffing.

His administration's position on Venezuela is overwhelmingly rejected across Haiti and in the region where all Caricom members disagree.